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Our desire is to offer you with extra ordinary independent living experience. Whether you are a senior in need of specialized care or you are a youth struggling to fit back into the society after a bout of rehabs, you can be rest assured that we have all the facilities, the staff and the amenities to make life just as easy as you had wanted it. This is our sole commitment and we will always go out of our way to ensure that you get nothing but the best.

Extra ordinary experience


When we talk about extraordinary experience, we literally mean that. You will be amazed by the dining options we have that compares with no other offered in any community. We have great programs that will keep both the mind, body and soul active and energized throughout your occupancy and in addition to all these, we have the most caring staff that will ensure that you get the tender care you deserve. We welcome you today for a free tour so that you can have a look and a feel of what we really have in store for you.


Why we offer the best independent living solutions

We are aware of the fact that there is a plethora of independent living solutions you could opt for but we present you with a unique opportunity you will never find anywhere else. It is not just in our services and facilities but its something that is deeply engrossed in us to offer not just the best but our absolute best.

If you are on the fence on whether or not to join us, the following are some of the reasons why we are the best independent living center you will ever come across-:

We have an enriching culture

At our facility, we have the most enriching individuals coming from diverse backgrounds with rich histories, cultures and interests. What you get therefore is a blend of different aspects of humanity leading to a friendly and rewarding stay at our facility.

Active independence

Being the provider of independent senior living services, we are fully aware of the importance of real active independent living. We have a dedicated 24 hour concierge services, and full service salon to ensure that your stay at our facility is as smooth as it can ever be. You will have lots of options to keep you active during the day such as regular concerts and performances at our state of the art entertainment center, fitness classes, life skill lectures and many more. With the magnificent set up that defines our environment, you will have the pleasure of living a luxurious house in a stress free environment.


Culinary skills at its best

One of the major shortcomings you will encounter in many independent living centers are lack of good cooking skills. But fortunately for us, the opposite is the same for us. We are proud of having a very robust team with excellent culinary skills that will always leave your taste buds yearning for more each and every time. Besides, we have a rich combination of different kinds of diets to take care of all the nutritional needs of our residents.

Our Independent living care

Though independent living is synonymous to senior independent living, we offer more apart from taking care of the senior members of the society.

We also have services available for -:

Independent living for teens

Independent living for teens

We provide an appropriate avenue for teens to have a voice, a chance to be heard and the opportunity to acquire useful life skills. Whether it is meeting their need for foster parents or helping them to overcome the numerous challenges they face as teens, we are well equipped to help them become better members of the society.

Independent living for disabled

Independent living for the disabled

For us, disability is not inability and through our services of independent living for the disabled, we help them to have more meaning about life through assisting them overcome their physical disabilities so that they can become great members of our community. We have staff that has the skills, experience and expertise to deal with various kinds of disabilities and you can be guaranteed of a great experience in independent living for the disabled.

Independent living for young adults

Independent living for young adults

We have excellent independent living programs for young adults. Those targeted by this programs are basically the youths who are under the age of 21 years and were previously under state or tribal foster care when they were 16 years or older. We take great care of their concerns and looking into their complaints, demands or discomfort of whatever nature they may have. We also help them nature their talent and skills so that they can learn to be more independent when they leave the program.